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Pay for jobs on this web site with your credit cardPay for jobs on this web site with your credit card
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Rabbit Reward$ Term and conditions

The Rabbit RewardsŪ program is Quick Delivery Service Inc.'s frequent delivery program. Rabbit Rewards members earn points each time they purchase an eligible delivery made by Quick Delivery Service Inc. They also earn bonus points for completing the initial on-line enrollment application and by placing delivery orders on-line within the first 60 days of enrollment. Points are only considered earned when payment is received.

To ensure you receive credit for your Rabbit Rewards transactions, please provide your Rabbit Rewards number when you use our services. Members may track their points online at www.quickdelivery.com.

The date on which the online application is received and your Rabbit Rewards number is issued, is considered your enrollment date. Reward points will be credited only to the account of the Rabbit Rewards member who places the delivery order. No reward points will be credited for canceled deliveries.

Reward points are determined solely on the price paid for delivery services rendered. Any adjustments to reward points will be determined under final authority by Quick Delivery Service Inc. which reserves the right to revoke any reward points at any time if Quick Delivery Service Inc. finds that the reward points were improperly given.

You will not be able to transfer reward points to/from your account and another members account.

Only individual persons are eligible for Rabbit Rewards program membership. Corporations or other entities, are not eligible to become Rabbit Reward members or to accrue reward points. Generally, only the member named on the account will be entitled to access account information. However, Quick Delivery Service Inc. does comply with court orders and subpoenas and cooperates with investigations by state and federal agencies. Under these circumstances your account information may be shared with others with or without your knowledge or consent.

Transactions prior to your enrollment date are not eligible for reward points.

Certain deliveries are not eligible for earning reward points. These include, and are not limited to, free or reduced rate deliveries, deliveries made entirely by an affiliated delivery service, and deliveries made subject to special provisions.