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Pay for jobs on this web site with your credit cardPay for jobs on this web site with your credit card
Pay for jobs on this web site with your credit cardPay for jobs on this web site with your credit card
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First Flight Out:
We can handle your deliveries to other cities (USA AND CANADA ONLY). We'll pick up your package, take it to the airport, and put it on the first available flight to that city. We also can retrieve your deliveries from Midway and O'Hare. Call 847-534-2244 and ask for Rachael Peralez or e-mail us at RPeralez@quickdelivery.com for more information.
Quick Delivery's First Flight Out service offers:
  • Direct computer link to all airlines
  • Nationwide network of couriers
  • Immediate proof of delivery

    DOOR TO COUNTER: Pick up from your location and hold at any major airport...$249.50

    DOOR TO DOOR: Pick up from your location and deliver to any address within 25 miles of a major airport...$329.50. Additional mileage charge (over 25 miles) is $3.50/mile for Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, and $2.50/mile for all other cities.

    Rates are for one package of 40 lb. or less. Additional packages are $85.00 each. Additional weight (up to a maximum of 70 lb.) is $2.00 per lb. Packages over 70 lb. must be shipped air freight (cargo).

    Call 847-534-2244 for rates for Air Freight (Cargo) and Evenings/Weekends.

    (Rates are based on availability and are subject to change. Any deliveries not originating or terminating in the Chicago metro area are subject to additional charges. We are not responsible for airport delays beyond our control.)

    TSA rules require that we qualify you as a Known Shipper before you are able to utilize this service. We will be able to qualify you, on demand, with a personal visit to your facility and some minimum delivery history with Quick Delivery. Please call or email to establish your status as a Known Shipper.

    Need something faster? Take a look at our Air Charter Service
    "The absolute fastest thing going!"