Information Technology (IT)

Quick Delivery Service, Inc's. IT Department has a great many lists of accomplishments. They have been responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the Quick Delivery Service, Inc software system.

Our "IT" department was developed to allow our company to not only save time and money, but to assist our customers and provide features that allow everyone to work more efficiently. The main goal throughout the years has been to work smarter not harder.

Our first experience with computers dates back to 1990 with our first ever program running on a Commodore 64 computer. We were able to run mileage distances from point of origin to destination for accuracy. John Limberger who did not work for our company at that time designed our very first ever program. This simple and easy to use program standardized our pricing. Dispatcher James Bolek designed the second generation of software for Quick also utilizing a Commodore 64 computer to figure payroll.

A very short time later, our first IBM clone XT Turbo computer was purchased, and James Bolek converted his existing payroll module to the IBM using the "Basic" computer language. From there, he had a vision that "Quick" could build our own software system. He spearheaded this project, and we hired Steve Birnbaum. Steve and Jim partnered up and developed a software system, whereby all of the computers were networked together and tested live. The first day it didn't work (just too many crashes). By the following day, they resolved most of the problems allowing the company to work through other glitches, and have since had the system "on line" and working every day.

Programming incorporated text messaging into the early system. This would allow dispatch to send a page to an alpha/numeric pager, thus saving a lot of time and energy. From there IT developed a complete system that gave us many more features.

Communication with the drivers has always been at the top of our list, and Steve Birnbaum developed the first commercial application in the United States for use on a 2 way pager called an Infotac made by Motorola and distributed by Ram Mobile Data. This allowed our dispatchers and drivers to communicate back and forth with out having to use voice.

At one time we had an in house "Systems Administrator" who was responsible for networking our computers and their upkeep but in 2008 we outsourced this for better overall results. Our computer system is now running at peak efficiency.

John Limberger joined our team in 1999 and developed a WAP and Java application utilizing Nextel phones, but more recently has developed an Application that allows us to send and gather important information in real time utilizing Android phones. He has also been developing a GPS application for the internet. John has a wide range of knowledge and is responsible for much of the success of our software system, and is generally working on a myriad of different projects for "Quick". Previously Quickcomm, Inc. (a software company) was started to provide software solutions to other courier companies in our industry. The software named DOTS was based on the in-house Quick Delivery system and was installed at 7 different courier companies located in the Chicagoland and Denver Colorado areas.

Currently we have a highly specialized complete overall software system running at peak efficiency. We dispatch, take orders (over the telephone and from the internet), communicate with our drivers utilizing the latest Android cellular phones, interact with our customers, scan delivery Pros, pay our employees, run reports, allow for payments to be made over the internet, and have many many more features built in.

Our IT department gives us an advantage over our competition because we have the ability to develop exactly what we need and want when we need it giving both our customers and our employees the ability to work much smarter with less effort and certainly not harder.